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Welcome to Diabetic Renewal Center

Our treatment protocol is shown to be effective in stopping, and often reversing, the complications of diabetes. When you treat the root cause of the problem, normally your body can heal itself. Symptoms such as foot pain (neuropathy), erectile dysfunction, hypertension, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems and more can be stopped.

Traditional diabetic protocol involves treating symptoms. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are simply another symptom of diabetes. It does not define diabetes. Contrary to traditional thought, diabetes is not a disease of high and/or fluctuating blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a disease of low cellular sugar (inadequate carbohydrate metabolism). In other words, the cells in your body are not able to utilize the sugar in your blood in such a way that allows them to function optimally. When the cells in your body are not getting adequate metabolic energy, problems normally associated with diabetes can be manifested in many ways. Our mission is to treat the root causes of these symptoms and allow our patients to lead a normal life free of pain.

We are proud to have treated hundreds of local patients.

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