How our treatment works

The problem with diabetes is not so much that diabetics have high, or fluctuating blood sugar levels. The ultimate problem is that diabetics have low cellular sugar levels. This may sound like two sides of the same coin, but it is not.

Most of the complication that arise from diabetes are not caused so much by excess sugar in the blood, but by chronic low sugar levels within the cells.

The Diabetic Renewal Center’s treatment addresses specifically the problem of increasing sugar levels into the cells.

The pancreas is your body’s insulin factory. If your pancreas doesn’t make enough, or any insulin, your body cannot get sugar into the cells properly. However, with modern technology, we can replace that insulin. Insulin we have today is so refined, it is virtually indistinguishable from the natural insulin your body produces. With that, we can replace the insulin. However, no matter how tightly we maintain blood sugar controls, diabetics still have complications; sometimes huge complications.

There has got to be something missing, and there is!

Diabetic Renewal Center’s innovative treatment actually mimics the natural process of a healthy pancreas by stimulating your own body to supply what is missing from traditional protocols! The treatment is very simple, yet incredibly effective. The treatment lasts approximately three hours. You go two days in a row to start and then once per week until we can get your body’s metabolism back on track and we can start weening you down. Eventually you can come as little as once every three to four weeks, sometimes less frequently.

We offer a free initial consultation and we accept most health insurance plans including Medicare.